Chaplaincy, Can Bagot

Capellania Anglicana (Anglican Chaplaincy)
Can Bagot

Take the main road from Sant Antoni to Sant Josep.  After the last roundabout out of Sant Antoni (by the Bar Boulevard) continue straight up the hill towards Sant Josep.  Continue for approximately 2 km then around a left hand bend (with road junction to right signposted Cala de Bou).  After 300m pass Restaurant on left.  Shortly after, you will come to a small right hand turn to Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Tarida.  Turn right down this road.  Restaurant Chimchurri is on the left as you continue downhill past a sharp right hand bend with Cala Comte as graffiti on the left.  The road continues around a few bends until you reach a straight section with a sharp left hand bend at the end.  This is marked 30 and has metal studs in the road and crash barrier on the right.  Right on the corner where the road bends to the left there is a track straight ahead and a small road off to the right (it is very tight turn).  Take the small road to the right.

Chaplaincy is second house on the left, white with blue shutters (on a blind bend!). There is a board outside with "Capellania Anglicana".

You can also find us on google maps.  Type in Capellania Anglicana Ibiza and it will come up!